SBU's Nobel Residence Halls Get LEED Gold Certification

Two residence halls are the first ones to earn that distinction at SBU.

C.N. Yang and Paul Lauterbur are former Stony Brook faculty members who won Nobel Prizes. Their legacy lives on in the school's Nobel Halls, a pair of residence halls that has just received a LEED gold certification from the Green Building Certification Institute, the university announced Friday.

The buildings, each a 173,000-square-foot hall with 600 beds, opened in 2010. Its amenities include lounges, student laundry, kitchens, classrooms, offices, a cafe/lounge, and a meeting room that seats 350. A description of the building's features, from the Campus Sustainability website:

Insulated metal panels were used for the exterior cladding creating a highly insulated building envelope while incorporating building materials with high recycled content. Indoor Air Quality was a priority when designing the HVAC systems and finishes which contain no added urea formaldehyde were used. The Building Management System (BMS) allows for highly efficient operation. Systems which help in this efficient operation include variable frequency drives on pump motors, lighting occupancy controls, HVAC occupancy controls, the use of economizer controls on cooling units using outside air with no mechanical cooling, and an energy wheel on a roof top unit serving our 350 person meeting space.


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