Old Town Road to Get Safety Improvements, but Residents Want More

Speed control is the main concern.

Ed Hayes lives on Old Town Road not far from the Greenway Trail crossing, and can't even tell you how many times speeding cars have hit his mailbox. Once, earlier this year, he found a deer on his property that had been struck by a vehicle. If he had children, he said, he would probably have already moved away.

"People are constantly driving like lunatics," Hayes said. "It is scary sometimes."

Another phase of an ongoing traffic safety project on Old Town Road this week will see colored, skid-protectant asphalt installed near the trail crossing. Drivers can expect some delays until the middle of next week.

"This will bring attention to the drivers that there is 'something different in this area' and they should be cautious," said Jack Krieger, a spokesman for the Town of Brookhaven. "It supplements the advanced trail warning signs, motion activated flashing beacons, and the 'in pavement lit'/colored crosswalk."

But those who live on or near Old Town Road feel more needs to be done.

"Maybe a stop light on the corner of Lynx and Old Town," said Annmarie Zwycewicz. "We've had to replace our mailbox. I can't let the kids play in the front or the side, they always have to play in the back."

Hayes suggested cameras, speed bumps and stop signs to prevent people from building up speed.

"You hate to put traffic lights up ... but they need something to slow people down before someone gets killed," he said. "I don't know what the answer is."

The Town of Brookhaven acknowledges there are safety concerns on the road.

"The Old Town Road crossing is at a location on a town arterial road that has significant volumes, speeds, and limited sight distance due to a curve in the roadway," Krieger said. "As a result significant safety improvements have been installed by the town to supplement the crossing and warn drivers of an unusual condition ahead."


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