County OKs Water Monitoring of Flax Pond

Rises in level, water quality to be watched by USGS.

The United States Geological Survey will be eyeing Flax Pond in Old Field as a data monitoring station after Suffolk lawmakers approved over $185,000 in spending on Tuesday.

The monitoring efforts allow those in the science field to keep an eye on tidal variability, water quality, and the causes of wetland loss on Suffolk County's north shore.

Tuesday's measure also calls for the monitoring of up to three other embayments – indentations in the shoreline that are smaller than a gulf, but larger than a cove – across the shoreline.

"This project will provide information critical to protect and restore tidal wetlands and shellfish, finfish, and crustacean habitats in this fragile but magnificent environmental sanctuary,” said Legis. Kara Hahn, D-Setauket.

The project will be funded with just over $250,000 from the USGS, to be used toward network operation and maintenance.

Just last fall, the to be used toward educating the public about coastline stewardship, an issue that has come to the fore in the past couple of years following Tropical Storm Irene and Superstorm Sandy.

“Given the kind of damage our shoreline sustained as a result of Sandy, it’s equally important that this project will enable the USGS to collect data on rising sea levels and will provide the foundation for a climate change sentinel monitoring program," said Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.

JJ Smith February 08, 2013 at 05:41 PM
Our government is BROKE. When are people going to realise we don't have 250K to piss away monitoring a pond. Our debt has destroyed any chance for an optimistic future for our children


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