Police Unable to Confirm Attack Rumors

Community expresses concern following a widely circulated email detailing an alleged sexual assault and armed robbery.

Suffolk County police are unable to confirm a rumor that a sexual assault and armed robbery occurred recently in the Three Village area.

An email has been circulating detailing the alleged attack, causing widespread concern throughout the community.

An editorial published Thursday afternoon by the Times Beacon Record newspaper group acknowledged the rumor, as did a Three Village Patch blog post by a member of the community.

Dr. Gonzo November 30, 2012 at 04:34 AM
Unable to confirm a rumor , if a crime was or wasn't reported wouldn't it be or not be on record ? I guess it a big secret . Speaking as a former Police officer of 5 years i implore people to exercise their 2nd amendment rights buy a firearm and learn how to use it effectively. The Police are in place to maintain order not provide personal protection . A firearm is a tool it does not guarantee anything but another option to have when facing a situation like a burglary when you are home or worse. Any man or woman can buy a rifle or shotgun with your Drivers ID as long as you have no criminal record . A handgun license is required in NYS . The paper work can be obtained at police HQ pistol lic section yaphank . I hope the next story regarding a armed robber /rapist is a confirmed Kill of the offender maybe then the Police will be able to confirm what actually did or didnt happen .
Truffuls November 30, 2012 at 02:48 PM
As a lifetime NRA member and a concealed carry permit holder in Suffolk County I can tell you that you are not permitted to carry a firearm on a daily basis, even with a concealed carry permit, unless you are on your way to a range or on your way home from a range. The law used to prohibit any stopping between the two locations but has since been updated to allow for a meal/fuel stop. So, unless this person had a concealed carry permit, and was going to/fro a gun range, owning a firearm would not have helped. The NY gun laws make it impossible for a law abiding citizen to protect themselves outside of their "castle". I also own a home in NC. Law abiding, permit carrying citizens are ENCOURAGED to carry at all times, except into gov't buildings/property. No offense meant, and thank you for your service, but most police don't shoot their firearms that often. In NC they admit that and appreciate knowing that law abiding/permit carrying citizens are there and armed. No matter where you are, when things go bad, it will still take the police time to arrive. A trained and armed citizen can save many lives before the police show up. Until the gov't stops quashing law abiding citizens' right to buy/carry firearms, crime will continue. People are much more polite and less likely to commit crimes when they know that they are surrounded by armed citizens.


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