Incident Report: Graffiti Discovered at Monastery

The following incidents were reported to the Suffolk County Police Department between March 15 and March 22.


Black spray-painted letters were discovered at the Russian Orthodox monastery on Main Street in Setauket on March 16. The incident took place sometime between 3 p.m. on March 15 and 6 p.m. on March 16; there was no indication that the graffiti constituted a hate crime.


Police were called to Murphy Junior High School on March 20 to document a physical altercation in which one female student pushed another at 4:30 p.m. No injuries were reported in the incident.

A resident of Seville Lane in Stony Brook reported that an unknown male made a prank or scam phone call at 5 p.m. on March 18.

A female resident of Gables Blvd. in Setauket reported March 17 that an unknown person made a prank or scam phone call asking for personal information at 12:45 p.m.

A resident of Julia Circle reported March 22 that someone he knew began yelling at him, chasing him and pushing him while outdoors at the home with others present. No arrests were made and no injuries were reported in the incident.

A resident of Oaklawn Drive in Setauket reported March 18 that an unknown person made repeated phone calls saying nothing between March 16 and March 18.


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