Question: Do You Prefer to Shop at Big Box Stores or Mom-and-Pops?

Three Village has plenty of both kinds of businesses.

Three Village may be a unique community on Long Island: many unique mom-and-pop businesses and the big box stores seem to have found their niche so as to coexist.

Places like and compete with Toys 'R Us and other nearby retailers of children's products. Family-owned restaurants like and thrive in a community which is also home to several chain restaurants. Boutiques like , Flair and have competition aplenty with the Smith Haven Mall nearby.

But competition frequently isn't kind to the mom-and-pop shops, with places like , and My Wild Child recently closing their doors.

Monday's Patch Question asks: Do you prefer to shop at big box stores or mom-and-pop businesses? Don't forget to tell us why. Log in to Patch and add your response as a comment below.


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