Learning About Community

Arrowhead Elementary School second-grade students in Rosemary Ullrich’s class have been learning about various communities – urban, suburban and rural – as part of their social studies curriculum.

To commence the unit of study, the class took a walking tour of a local shopping center and made predictions about whether the various stores provided goods, services or both.  After coming to a consensus, the class spoke with shop owners to confirm if their predictions were accurate.  During their trip, the students received a tour of both Chase Bank and Strathmore Bagels, where they learned how a bagel is made from start to finish and even taste-tested a few creations.

As a follow-up, each student selected a place in the community to study in depth.  After researching their locations, the students created a model of the store or place and then presented their creations to the class in early December. The completed projects were put on display in the school’s library.


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