Did School Make-Up Days Spoil Your Planned Vacation?

Tell us in the comments.

Superstorm Sandy hit communities hard across Long Island last October – their school districts included. And for many, the recent blizzard only made the situation worse in terms of lost school days.

To make up for days lost due to Hurricane Sandy in October and November, students in Three Village will attend school for three days this week along with the Friday before and Tuesday after Memorial Day. To make matters worse, when the Feb. 8 blizzard hit, the district missed two days of school, thus using up its one remaining snow day and causing the need for another make-up day. School will now also be in session on March 25, the first day of spring break.

New York State's education laws require students to be in school for a minimum of 180 school days; public school funding in New York is tied to school districts' fulfillment of that requirement.

But for many families, winter break was to serve as much-needed family getaway time; the same can likely be said for spring break – when religious commitments often come into play, too.

Thus, we ask: Did the school make-up days spoil your vacation plans? Will you lose money you laid out for those vacation plans? Log in to Patch and tell us in the comments below.

Christopher D. Reilly February 24, 2013 at 05:12 PM
With all that is going on in this country as well as this town and county, this is the most important survey question that can be asked? Education hopefully trumps a romp in the sun or snow. Residents were given plenty of advanced notice and the majority of middle class people had 'staycations' anyway. Those who relegated education to a lower status level in their lives (and/or careers) and took their kids and left for parts unknown...(and yes Virginia, you could have purchased trip insurance). I find it hard to believe that a mature adult would consider their "vacation" ruined by the make-up days.


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