The Dish: Cajun Flavors at Country Corner

The blackened Cajun burger is one of the menu standouts.

has long been known for its burgers, with some recipes that have stood the test of time along with the establishment itself. One particular item stands out on the menu: the blackened Cajun burger.

The Dish: Blackened Cajun Burger ($8.95)

What's Inside: Sautéed onions and peppers top a burger seasoned with Cajun spices, lettuce, and tomato on a toasted kaiser roll, with steak fries and a crisp pickle.

Eat this Because: You are a fan of anything blackened, because this one's done just right. No condiments necessary – the Cajun flavor speaks for itself.

Side Dish: Ask for a side of cole slaw. Country Corner's freshly made cole slaw is among the best this Patch editor has ever tried.


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