Snider Family Swaps Wives, Lives with Flavor Flav on "Celebrity Wife Swap"

Episode aired Tuesday night on ABC network.

If you watched "Celebrity Wife Swap" on Tuesday night, you watched rocker Dee Snider and his family enjoying their weeklong visit with rapper Flava Flav's fiancée Liz. Liz introduced the Snider family to one of her favorite activities, crocheting, and even brought a little Las Vegas flavor with her during a family game of blackjack.

"We all liked her," Dee said of Liz. "She likes us genuinely."

But Suzette Snider couldn't say the same after spending a week living with Flavor Flav's family, during which the eccentric rapper alternately showed moments of tenderness with his family and moments of disrespect to Suzette once it was time for the family to follow her own rules. Finally, she left before her week was over, staying in a hotel until it was time for the two couples to meet to talk about their experiences on the show.

"It made me realize what a great guy my husband is," Suzette said during one of the final segments of the show.

Talking to Flavor Flav, she said, "I have major problems with you. You don't care what anybody else feels," before the rapper countered with his own perception of himself as a caring, respectable father and husband.


"Celebrity Wife Swap" will feature another East Setauket celebrity – Mick Foley and his family – in an episode set to air Jan. 24.

SusiQ January 16, 2012 at 11:53 AM
I watched the show. Kudos to Liz --Flava Flav is an idiot!


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