News Nearby: Blizzard Wreaks Havoc in Neighboring Towns

A look at what's happening in nearby towns.

There's plenty of news happening each week in Three Village, and the same can be said for the towns around us. Here's a look at what's making headlines in nearby Patch towns:

From Port Jefferson Patch: Fire Department Response Hindered by Unplowed Port Jefferson Station Streets. It took a little help from residents on quads, sleds, shovels and with four-wheel drive vehicles, but firefighters from Terryville Fire Department and local EMS workers were able to get to those in need of assistance during the blizzard, according to a department spokesperson. Faced with impassable snow-packed streets, first responders – often working long overnight shifts at the height of the storm – had to get inventive.

From Kings Park Patch: Couple Braves Blizzard to Deliver 'Baby Nemo' at St. Catherine of Siena. Winter storm Nemo delivered a walloping amount of snow on Friday, but it didn’t stop the delivery of Loudon Gentner, whose parents braved the storm’s fury and traveled to St. Catherine of Siena Hospital during the thick of it.

From Hauppauge Patch: Poor Planning Brings Hauppauge Industrial Park to a Standstill. The Hauppauge Industrial Park faced a virtual standstill this morning, as its 55,000 employees were barely able to navigate through the park's poorly plowed roads and rivers that have formed due to overflowing drains, Terri Alessi-Miceli, President of Hauppauge Industrial Association, said.

From Miller Place-Rocky Point Patch: Highway Supe Candidates Questioned on Blizzard Response. The response, or lackthereof, to the recent blizzard by the Town of Brookhaven has caused many to shift their focus toward the upcoming special election for highway superintendent. Candidates Dan Losquadro and Kathy Walsh appeared at Wednesday's Shoreham Civic meeting at the Miller Avenue School and fielded questions mostly regarding the response to the blizzard and how it would be different if either of them held the position. A special election for the position, set to be held March 5, had been largely overlooked before road issues from the storm brought the position's responsibility to the forefront.

joan nugent February 16, 2013 at 03:19 PM
what makes you think that it is ever going to be different in Brookhaven? It has never been different. 42 years ago they were complaining about this mess with the snow and weather. And here we are still complaining.


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