Blog Roundup: 5 Patch Blogs You May Have Missed

Spotlight on Local Voices during the past week.

Local news isn't the only thing you'll find on Patch. Our Local Voices bloggers bring a new level of expertise and opinion to the front page. If you're interested in blogging, send a note to editor Christine Sampson.

"No woman should be afraid to wear lipstick," writes Sara Greenblatt, so here are some ways to make your lips stand out and your makeup really pop.

In the continuing series of what she calls "Beach Lady vs. Big, Arrogant Water Treatment Plant Across the Sound," Carol Trottere recently mailed more than 350 plastic wagon wheels back to the Mamaroneck plant.

Professor Scott A. Mandia takes a look at the link between climate change and the populations of ticks and mosquitoes.

Nutrition expert Eric Robert Santiago dubs Baxyl the "fountain of youth" and explains its benefits.

Blogger Eric Alexander celebrates Long Island's smart downtown development.


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