The Dish: A Sushi Roll You'll 'Heart'

Patch tasted the "Sharon Heart" roll at Hoshi Sushi.

While adventurous foodies may flock to places like for unusual Asian fare, there's always room for a more traditional sushi joint in town. in Stony Brook serves that need.

The Dish: Sharon Heart roll ($13.95)

What's Inside: Lobster salad, avocado, and eel wrapped in soy paper.

Eat This Because: This crunchy, savory sushi roll stands alone: it doesn't even need soy sauce. While its contents aren't too outlandish, it's a great combination made even more enjoyable by its whimsical presentation.

Side Dish: Save room for a dessert with plenty of Asian flavor. Ice cream comes in green tea, red bean, and vanilla with ginger ($3) and it comes either fried or with whipped cream on top.


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