Review: Robinson's Tea Room Serves More Than Just Tea

Robinson's Tea Room in Stony Brook Village serves over 75 varieties of tea, but it's the food that will keep you coming back for more.

Robinson's Tea Room is a warm and homey place to come and enjoy a meal. Decorated with all sorts of teapots and cozy décor, you'll feel as though you were being served a home-cooked meal right out of the kitchen of owners Loretta and Jimmy Vertucci.

The chicken salad sandwich on white bread is one way to start off a meal at Robinson's. The chicken salad was extremely fresh, made with chunks of all-white meat that was perfectly moist and tender. The salad was complimented by fresh chunks of celery, white onions, and slices of tomato, all of which brought out the natural sweetness of the chicken.

A side order of Robinson's famous chili was spicy without being overbearing, and was topped with fresh bits of white onion and shredded cheddar cheese. This chili resembled nothing of your typical mushy chili; it was made with whole kidney and pinto beans, bite-sized chunks of steak, and ground beef. Every bite showcased the freshness of the ingredients and delivered on flavor.

A grilled chicken Caesar salad wrap was served in a large flour tortilla filled with chunks of grilled chicken, tomatoes, mixed greens and an oil-based Caesar dressing. The chicken was extremely moist, tender, and seasoned to perfection, and the dressing was light and bursting with flavor and a lingering citrus afternote.

The broccoli and cheese quiche was dense and savory.  The egg filling was firm, and richness of the cheese brough the dish to another level. The broccoli was soft without being mushy and added a slight sweetness to the dish. The crust was light, flaky and buttery in flavor, just the way a perfectly executed crust should be. The dish was also served with a side salad of fresh mixed green, tomatoes and cucumbers with a house dressing.

Dessert is an entirely new adventure at Robinson's Tea Room. At $3.75 a slice, the lemon meringue pie is a towering mountain of pie large enough to satisfy two if not three people. The pie was delightfully sweet and tangy, piled high with billowing clouds of light, fluffy meringue. The lemon loaf also shared the perfect balance of sweet and tangy; it was extremely rich and dense and was iced with a delicious lemon frosting.

The pear and almond tart had a strong resemblance in flavor to marzipan and was topped with slices of fresh pear with a thin layer of raspberry atop the crust. The white chocolate cake was light and fluffy with a texture reminiscent of a cross between cheesecake and mousse, and was topped with a rich chocolate ganache. Robinson's cinnamon scone is a giant scone, served warm and buttery and bursting with cinnamon flavor. The raspberry jam and clotted cream served alongside the scone brought the flavor profile to an entirely new level of both richness and flavor.

A raspberry iced tea was a welcome treat given the heat this summer. The tea was fresh, naturally sweet, and caffeine free. It was a vibrant red in color and served ice-cold in a tall glass.

Zagat-rated Robinson's Tea Room offers tea aficionados over 75 varieties of tea to choose from. Tea lovers can also enjoy British or full tea services for the price of $25 per person.

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Barbara J. Taylor-Franzese September 02, 2011 at 05:47 PM
Everything about Robinson's Tea Room is exemplary. The teas- delightful- the scones with jam and clotted cream-heavenly- the quiches- like a hug from home- the desserts- decadently delightful- and the ambiance and service - makes you feel like a part of a warm and loving family. I have yet to find another place that is even close- not that I'm looking. As the Grand Matriarch of four Daughters and soon to be three Granddaughters- Robinsons Tea Room is our "Must Go To " to celebrate anything and everything ....Life ! Thank you James and Loretta for being such special people. You add richness and beauty to our lives!


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