Nothing to Rent But Space at Former Blockbuster [Empty in Three Village]

What would you like to see move in here?

Whether you loved its selection or hated the late fees, the blue and yellow movie ticket logo of Blockbuster Video dominated the movie rental market for years.

However, with increased competition from Netflix and $1 rentals from Redbox, Blockbuster faltered. The South Setauket location closed down earlier this year.

Today, the storefront shows few renmants from its Blockbuster days. You can still see the outline of the movie ticket logo where the sign used to be and the quick drop slot is still there, though sealed shut. Inside the store is mostly gutted. Two TVs hang from the ceiling and a few new release labels remain on the wall, but little else remains.

Jon Cohen, who's managing the property for owner BDG, said that he's talking to a few potential tenants for the 4,800-square foot space.

What would you like to see in the former Blockbuster Video?


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