Playdate Picks in Three Village

Ideas for fun and stress-free playdates for kids of all ages.

Three Village has many places you can take your children for a fun afternoon. If you're like this mother, you look for fun ways to keep the kiddies occupied while the parents can also enjoy some "grown up talk." The best way to do this is to plan a play date with some friends. The trick is to choose a location that is age-appropriate for your kids so they can have fun and the parents can, too.

Play dates with babies and toddlers should be planned with simplicity in mind. The location should be safe and fun for the babies and the parents so everyone can have a fun day.

The Emma S. Clark Memorial Library (120 Main Street, Setauket) is a great location for a baby play date. The children's department offers a great place to play, areas to sit and read, and even a train table for the toddlers to play with! My favorite spot at the library for the kids to play is the very colorful and bright community room. You can close the door, the babies play with the big, soft blocks, and the parents can sit and relax.

Another great Three Village location for an outing with babies is Frank Melville Memorial Park (Main Street in Setauket). It's a quiet setting that is perfect for a walk in the stroller, or even for a toddler to practice taking a few steps! "We love to bring bikes and a picnic lunch to Melville Park," said Stacey Devaux, a Setauket mom of two young girls." There are benches for a picnic, but I think it's best to just lay down a blanket next to the pond, and the kids love this too!

When planning a play date for 3-5 year olds, there needs to be lots to do. This age group is very active and they love to run, jump and play!  

West Meadow Beach in Setauket offers a wide variety of activities and is a great park for a day out. The playground offers a safe spot for the kids to play and the parents can sit and watch. The sprinkler park is a big hit with parents and kids on a hot day in the summer. There is also a covered picnic area that is the perfect location to give the kids lunch.

Another favorite playground for play dates in Three Village can be found in the "S" section of Stony Brook at the Sycamore Circle Park, located on Sycamore Circle.  Christine Kellerman, an East Setauket mom, began raising her four kids in the "S" section and she said this playground was a favorite spot for them to play. "When the kids were younger we loved it," she said. "The neighborhood even used the park for parties and events." The playground has shaded areas with picnic benches to eat and offers a variety of playground equipment for younger and older kids.

Play dates are also very popular with school-aged kids. By this age kids enjoy getting together at each other's houses to play, but when you are all looking for a day out here are some fun ways to spend the day.

If you want the kids to spend a beautiful day outdoors exploring and discovering then the perfect spot is the Avalon Park and Preserve in Stony Brook. The kids can bike or hike in the preserve and there is even a labyrinth for them to have fun in with their friends. Julie Sullivan, a mother of four from Stony Brook said her kids love the park because it's fun to hike and run. "They can feed the ducks, there are so many trails to choose from and there is even a playground hidden in the woods, just lots of fun stuff!" Sullivan said. The park is also another great place to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in a beautiful setting.

For those days when the weather isn't as cooperative for all of this outdoor fun, you can't go wrong with treating the kids and their friends to the newest release at Loews AMC Stony Brook 17.  It offers stadium seating in all of the theaters, which is great for the young kids so they don't have a problem seeing the film. The theater is offering a 2010 Summer Movie Camp series on Tuesdays at 10am. The theater will be showing a film each week for only $1 per ticket.  Check out the theater's website for more information about this great deal.

These six locations offer the opportunity for kids of all ages to play, laugh, and have fun, a place where parents can maintain their sanity with adult conversation, and a place to eat a healthy meal. Invite your friends to join you for a unique play date this summer.

 Share your favorite Three Village play date location ideas by commenting below.


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