Three Village Voters Approve $56 Million School Bond

Bond to repair school buildings passes easily Tuesday.

Three Village residents approved a $56 million bond proposal Tuesday to finance repairs to the district's schools. 

The proposal passed by a margin of 1,034-619. 

The bond will fund so-called Efficiency Project and it will include significant repairs to aging infrastructure at all district schools, officials have said. 

Although the total anticipated cost of the project is $56.2 million, 66 percent of that total will be funded by the state, officials said. For the average homeowner in the Three Village district, the project will cost about $119 a year over a 15-year period beginning in the 2015-16 school year. 
stephen m February 05, 2014 at 02:17 PM
why don't the parents who use the school system pay the difference. they should pay as if it were like private schools. it always on the backs of non users. i probably like most still live in the same home have no school age children where are these kids that use the schools come from. not from my home.
tea February 05, 2014 at 07:22 PM
EDUCATED RESIDENTS WITH THEIR HEADS IN THE TOILET....ZERO COMMON SENSE.......Remember once your children are gone you still have these abusive taxes that you put in.. You become single and only have one income what do you do...FORECLOSURE....People are losing their jobs and student population is down....Teachers and cops are the only ones on Long Island that are getting pay raises.. ALL ELECTIONS SHOULD BE THE 1st Tuesday Of NOVEMBER.. It would cost less money and everyone would vote...Fire Dept, Library, budgets that the school districts play games with. No additional surplus budget items..ONCE and if it fails it is OVER.. Not continue to put the budget up until it passes and the district getting what it wants..TEACHER SALARIES SHOULD BE THE RESIDENTS DECISION, you have no rights they are not part of your budget.. VOTE ONCE and that's it..NO redo. ALL OF US SHOULD CALL THE NYS GOV. AND COMPLAIN we were promise 2% at the most increase. We have gone way over this.. I'm a single woman and can not afford these abusive school taxes with ZERO children in the district. We all need to go to the SCHOOL BOARD MEETING AND SCREAM ABUSE TO THE TAXPAYERS.. Watch the behavior of the board members and the school staff. They are in bed with each other and we the taxpayers are being abused... WE HAVE NO RIGHTS $14,000 per year for a small home in East Setauket make no sense. All budgets should be on the same day, not the game of getting what the school wants by abusing the resident. This was huge snow storms and most resident couldn't get home or out to vote.. I am tired of this Three Village School District that is abusing
tea February 05, 2014 at 07:43 PM
IDEA.. Hasn't been done in a long time LIST EVERY TEACHER's SALARIES, all the vacation days, sick days, personal days, additional perks, what is there retirement agreements, how many years and what % of there salary is their pension amount..For all how much of there medical are they paying for themselves, are we paying for their spouses, children. Should we not get the staff teachers administration to pay a part of all there medical, and all medical for spouses and children THEY SHOULD PAY THEMSELVES 100% like most jobs today.. All administration staff and the same questions. WHAT is it costing the taxpayers every year in retirement and medical. How many days per year does a TEACHER, or administrator work minus sick days, holidays, vacation,personal days. I also would like to know how many hours per day the teachers truly teach..Not 45 mins for lunch break, 45 min for prep period...I know you all say you take home work...NO ONE PIECE OF PAPER SHOULD GO HOME, it's a violation of the students privacy...The only reason you can't get your work done is because of poor time management. STAY at school a full 8 hours minus you breaks like the rest of the world This is what the THREE VILLAGE RESIDENT that pay your salaries have a right to know...
Don't Tread on Me February 06, 2014 at 09:13 AM
You can go right here and do the research regarding salaries, pensions, etc. Great site with lots of info. http://seethroughny.net/ You can even search by their name. It is disgraceful, when so many are suffering and worrying how they are going to make ends meet, the spending continues. We will be bankrupt soon enough!
PCycle February 07, 2014 at 09:38 PM
..........school district is a joke..........not top ranked nationally at all....


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