Stony Brook Launches New Ad Campaign Touting Academic Medicine

Its "Stony Brook Medicine" push will unite its various institutions under one umbrella slogan.

Following up on its previous campaign of "Home of the Best Ideas in Medicine," Stony Brook University has launched a new one: "Stony Brook Medicine."

The new push draws upon the university's various health-related initatives and institutions, including education, research and patient care, to unify them and present them to the public. The health sciences schools will be featured, including Dental Medicine, Health Technology and Management, Medicine, Nursing, and Social Welfare, along with the university, the hospital and children's hospital, and 35 community institutions focusing on health care.

"As Stony Brook’s trajectory soars and our image thrives both nationally and internationally, we want to raise awareness and better educate our community about who we are and what we do," university president Samuel L. Stanley Jr. said in a statement.


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