Soccer Club, University in Final Stages of Field Space Negotiation

The club has received a long-awaited draft permit agreement from the University.

The Three Village Soccer Club has received an updated draft permit agreement from Stony Brook University that the club president said brings the two entities into the final stages of negotiation on the use of playing field space at the South P Lot.

"I think we’re moving forward in the right direction without a doubt," president Mitch Pally said. "We’re working on scheduling issues ... That’s the main basis of the discussion to take place."

Pally said he hopes to have it all wrapped up by next week. University spokeswoman Lauren Sheprow said: "Discussions are ongoing; we feel progress has been made and hopefully an agreement will be reached very soon."

Neither side could provide any of the details contained within the updated draft permit agreement.

The updated draft is the culmination of more than a year of negotiations between the soccer club and the university. As Patch previously reported, it's a quality-of-life matter for both the university students, who pay tuition and fees to have access to university facilities, and the soccer club families, who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to build and improve those facilities at the South P Lot.


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