School Notebook: Career Day, Red Ribbon Week Come to Three Village

A look inside the classrooms of our local schools.

Career Day Comes to Setauket, Murphy JHS

Fourth- through sixth-graders at Setauket Elementary and ninth-graders at Murphy JHS had the chance to explore future professions during the schools' annual career day programs.

At Setauket, eighteen professionals in careers like medicine, physical therapy, law enforcement, and chemical engineering came to share what their typical workday is like, discuss the training they've received, and shared facts about the field.

At Murphy, the career fair was set up in the gymnasium and connected students one-on-one with professionals from a wide range of fields, including cosmetology, engineering, substance abuse counseling and finance. “This was a really fun experience that helped me better understand some of the professions I was interested in – namely substance abuse counseling,” ninth-grader Alex Cruger said. “I had thought about exploring that field in my future, and now, because of today, I have a better understanding about the day-to-day work and
the actual field.”

Red Ribbon Week

Among the activities held throughout the district during Red Ribbon Week:

  • During their health education classes, Minnesauke and Nassakeag sixth-graders took part in the Red Ribbon Week Olympics. The event had students participate in five difference challenges, which included testing their lung power, their memory and their ability to navigate a toy car through a course while wearing goggles that simulated being under the influence of alcohol.
  • Additionally, Minnesauke fourth-graders wrote persuasive essays to prom-going high school seniors asking them not to drink alcohol and not to drink and drive on prom night.
  • The school’s fifth-graders created “Say No to Tobacco” websites highlighting six main themes: the recipe for a cigarette, the effects of smoking on the body, the cost of smoking, respiratory diseases caused by chronic smoking, why teens try tobacco and refusal skills.
  • As a culmination of their Red Ribbon Week observances, Nassakeag students participated in the school’s annual Walk for Education, an event organized to collect pledged donations to sponsor healthy initiatives at the school as well as raise awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • W.S. Mount Elementary School third- through sixth-grade students learned about drug awareness according to the New York State Health Standards and the school’s Health Essentials of Learning. The students signed pledges, committing themselves to make healthy choices, and all students dressed according to a different ‘healthy choice’ or ‘drug-free’ theme of the day. Included in the theme week were “Wear Red Day,” “‘Team’ Against Drugs” and “Don’t ‘Sweat’ Drugs.”

Reader's Theater Jump Starts Social Studies Curriculum

Fifth-graders at Minnesauke combined language arts, social studies and visual arts skills in a Reader's Theater activity, performing the play "Unite or Die – How the Thirteen States Became a Nation" during their library time.

Using the SMART Board, the students reviewed key vocabulary terms such as Tierney, politics, ratification and declaration, and each student assumed a particular role for the play – from narrators to state representatives – and discussed the establishment of the nation.

The activity served as an introduction to their social studies curriculum on the nation’s primitive years as well as a review of the material learned last year.

First Grade Fall Fun

Setauket first graders got to explore math and literacy using the pumpkins they picked during a recent field trip. They weighed pumpkins on a balance scale, checked out the inside of a pumpkin, measured their height in pumpkins, decorated pumpkins, and helped make and tasted pumpkin pudding. The classes also incorporated literacy by reading pumpkin-themed stories and creating written projects based on the seasonal gourd.


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