Report: Hospital Changes Yield $2M in Savings

SBUH administrators and SBU business experts worked together to streamline certain areas.

Administrators at Stony Brook University Hospital sought the help of the university's college of business to realize $2 million in savings based on improvements to scheduling surgeries and purchasing surgical implants and supplies, according to a report published Thursday in Newsday.

The changes will avoid scheduling overlaps across 30 operating rooms and 230 surgeons in 15 medical specialties thanks to a mathematical formula developed by experts in efficiency theory and a hospital official from the continuous quality improvement department working with Dr. Kenneth Rosenfeld, medical director of the operating rooms.

Rosenfeld told Newsday: "The economics have changed. Now we have to look at business models."

The efficiencies won Stony Brook a $5,000 grant from The Advisory Board Co., an international research, technology, and consulting firm.

Click here to read the full report from Newsday.


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