Local Family Seeks Votes in Tuition Contest

The Pew family of Stony Brook is hoping to win a $10,000 scholarship to Kiddie Academy for their son Ezra.

Things can get a little crazy around the house sometimes – especially if you're a father who's just started a new job, a mother who's just gone back to school and is expecting a new baby in a couple of months, and a son who needs a preschool to nurture his learning.

That's why the Pew family entered Kiddie Academy's "The Moment I Knew" photo contest, in which the winner will receive tuition of up to $10,000 for a year. You can find the Pews' son, Ezra, in a photo his mother Sarah titled "Self Reliance" – which she has captioned "The moment I knew that this kid can do anything!" – at the contest page. As of Monday afternoon, the photo had more than 750 votes. Sarah Pew said they need enough votes to make it into the "top 10."

Here's a little more from Sarah about why it would mean so much to win the tuition scholarship:

"We have moved three times over the past three years and are finally at a place where we know we will be staying.  However, this is the most expensive place we have lived and now instead of having two incomes, we have one income and two tuitions. Add to that – we are expecting our second child in April and will be enrolling him/her in the school within the next few months. Any help we can get with tuition is always appreciated and winning free tuition for a year would be incredible."

To find out how to vote for the Pew family in Kiddie Academy's photo contest, click here.


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