Editor's Notebook: College, Here We Come

Fall classes at Stony Brook University begin August 30.

When Stony Brook University students begin fall classes one week from today, they will be attending one of the nation's most environmentally friendly schools. They will have a better shot at making more money than grads from other schools. They will be attending a university which is ranked among the top 100 universities in the nation overall.

Stony Brook University's role in the academic community is clear. But what about its role in the local community?

Stony Brook's more than 16,000 students will be de facto members of the Three Village community, whether they're studying at Starbucks, working at the local restaurants and boutiques, interning at Stony Brook University Medical Center, hanging out at Velvet Lounge, or otherwise contributing to the local economy.

With that in mind, Three Village Patch will present a back-to-school package this week exploring a wide range of topics. We'll present resource guides and other features geared toward college students, both Stony Brook students and Three Village's own residents heading to college. We'll also explore topics with a broader reach, like the effect of back-to-school time on local businesses and the concept of a college town. Next week, we'll explore back-to-school topics pertaining to families and local public and private school systems.

Our goal is not only to inform our readers, but also to inspire dialogue among them. I hope you'll send in Letters to the Editor, or log into Patch and add your thoughts and ideas by commenting on stories.

We'll be covering education all year long, so check back with Three Village Patch to find out what's happening.

Monday: New Developments on Campus at Stony Brook University

Tuesday: Local Stores Praise Back-to-School Rush

Wednesday: On- and Off-Campus Resources for Stony Brook University Students

Thursday: Dormitory Primer: Guidelines and Essentials for Stocking Your Room

Friday: Chamber President: Watch Out, Princeton – We're a College Town, Too


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