Construction of New Traffic Light Begins at Ward Melville HS

Traffic light will be located at the north entrance to the high school.

Work began this week on a new traffic light on Old Town Road at the north entrance to Ward Melville High School.

The project, which has been discussed for several months, will cost the district about $160,000. The school board awarded the contract at the June 28 board meeting.

The Town of Brookhaven will take care of striping and other markings on the road, according to Jeff Carlson, assistant superintendent for business services.

"The work should be completed within a couple of weeks," Carlson said, "and the signal will be operating by the time school starts in September."

Carlson said the town will also be upgrading the signal and crosswalk at the south entrance to the high school as well. Funding for the traffic light is coming from leftover funds from a past district bond project earmarked for safety improvements.

At a previous board meeting, interim superintendent Neil Lederer said he had reached out to the management of The Lakes, the housing development immediately to the north of the school grounds, regarding participation in the building of the new traffic light. However, he said, the management was uninterested.

Alicia Palifka July 23, 2011 at 06:38 PM
Big Brother knows just how to build in revenue all the while gain access to everybody's lives via cameras cropping up all over all in the name of safety. Freedom has become a distant memory. It is a shame the government has to make decisions for everybody.."for their own good". Maybe if more people considered personal responsibility a priority our country would be in better shape and not going down the road to socialism and communism at mock speed..
Christina August 26, 2011 at 07:38 PM
In the name of safety - yes, our children's safety. This light is at the exit of the high school so that kids learning to drive can make a left turn - safely - onto Old Town Rd, one of the busiest roads in Three Village.


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