Community Guide: Local Places Every Stony Brook Student Should Know

Check this guide for the best-loved, off-campus places and resources in town for college students.

There's no doubt Stony Brook University can feel like its own miniature city. But don't forget the "suburbs" around the city: the hamlets of Stony Brook, Setauket, and Port Jefferson, which have plenty to offer for college students.


  • – Located across Rt. 25A from the Stony Brook train station, this bar is the campus dweller's most immediate choice for nightlife within walking distance.
  • In Setauket: is new in town as far as bars go, but worth checking out. and are other local bars with varying scenes and events to check out.
  • – Located on Rt. 25A in East Setauket, this cozy bar and restaurant is easy to miss if you're not looking for it. But it boasts a unique menu of quality food and a great environment make this a valuable local hangout to be aware of.
  • Tara Inn – A bit farther away than the rest of the places on the list, this Port Jefferson establishment is a must-know for broke college students. Dollar burgers and dirt cheap beer specials are only two of the amenities that make Tara Inn a favorite. Be sure to bring a valid I.D. – they’re strict.

Food & Drink

  • – Another must-know. Just east of campus on Rt. 25A, here you can find anything from a wide selection of craft brews or just a cheap 30-rack. Open until midnight on Thursdays while school is in session.
  • – A deli open 24/7 several days per week that's a few minutes' drive from campus? Enough said.
  • – It's not unusual to find a long line at this deli counter – but this one is worth the 10-minute drive for an off-campus meal. Unique sandwiches and other delicious deli items hit the spot.

Fun & Recreation

  • – While you'll need either a town parking permit or a few bucks to get you in for the day, West Meadow Beach is a great place to check out as summer's heat lingers a few more weeks.
  • and – Two great places to enjoy nature. You won't need parking permits for these local gems.
  • Stony Brook's is the go-to place for blockbuster movies.
  • Watch for the Sept. 1 opening of video gaming center on Rt. 25A in Stony Brook.

Community Resources

  • There's a branch in Port Jefferson Station.
  • Should you want to venture off Long Island, the makes for a quick getaway to Connecticut.
  • Click here for Suffolk County Transit's bus information to learn how to get around off campus without a car.


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