Campus Howls with Spirit; University Police Investigate DWI Crash on Campus

This week's roundup from Stony Brook University features light-hearted fun and a serious accident.

The Big Red Howl Showcases School Spirit

Stony Brook students showed their school spirit last week at a variety of events designed to promote Seawolf pride. 

Christine Noonan, a residence hall director, said what used to be known as Spirit Week was rechristened "Big Red Howl" to "incorporate and instill Wolfie pride."

Every night of the week involved a different activity, set up to attract a wider variety of students. Events included the nationally televised men's lacrosse game (which SBU won 16-5), a dance-a-thon, and a movie night. 

Students could also participate in competitive activities, with each quad bringing out a team to defend their honor. Teams played volleyball, basketball and dodgeball at Sports Night; answered trivia questions at the College Bowl; and performed skits and routines at Spirit Night. 

The week wrapped up with a Quad Light Night, where the winners of each competition were announced.

"It's been a great week, a lot of quads have really come out in storm," Noonan said.

Despite the new name and broader range of activities, attendance was middling. Noonan attributed this to the name change and last week being a heavy exam week. 

"It takes a while for it to increase because people know it as Spirit Week," she said.  "I definitely think each night was a success in its own way. ... We had 400 students at Spirit Night, and considering the exams, that's impressive."

Noonan said a group will be meeting this week to brainstorm for next year.

Student Government Updates Policy, Recognizes YAF

Following a dispute by the campus group Young Americans for Freedom over USG's decision not to fund them due to similarities to another club, USG has decided to change the petitioning process and abolish the "similarity" requirement that initially hurt YAF. 

"The Young Americans for Freedom were given recognition and funding after we made amendments to the bylaws that dictate our criteria for recognition," said David Mazza, the vice president of USG communications and public relations, in an email. "The decision was made consistently with these new rules."

The changes to the petitioning process eliminate the need for a group to get the signatures and information of 5 percent of the student population – roughly 800 students.

Doug Smith, president of the Conservative Society for Action: the Next Generation, another Long Island-based conservative student organization, lauded the move in a statement that called USG's original policies "intellectually oppressive and ambiguous."

"This is not a partisan or political victory. This is a victory for equal protection and equal rights," he said. "Every passionate student who wants to get involved on campus or has a vision for a better tomorrow is a winner."

Car Crashes into Building in Kelly Quad

University police are investigating an accident and searching for an individual who fled the scene on Friday, April 1, involving a car that crashed into the side of Hamilton College, a building in Kelly Quad. 

Police found a driver and a passenger in the car with several injuries. According to witnesses, another passenger fled the scene. Police have been unable to locate this person.

Both occupants were treated by medical personnel and then transferred for treatment to the University Medical Center.

Police said the driver of the car, Wilfredo R. Arroyo of Commack, was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and in possession of marijuana. He was released from the hospital after being treated for head and arm injuries, and was processed by university police for driving while intoxicated and possession of an illegal substance. 

The other passenger was also admitted for injuries to the head and arms. University spokeswoman Lauren Sheprow said neither individual is affiliated with the university. 

Mitch Eisenstein April 11, 2011 at 04:27 PM
Why was this person released and not sent directly to Jail in Riverhead? We at the university seem to let "kids" have a free pass. Wrong. Zero Tolerance for drugs on campus should be the rule. Found with marijuana? Arrested, expelled. DWI? Blood drawn at SBU hospital, go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.


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