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Bike-Share Program in Development at Stony Brook University

Program still in its preliminary stages.

A bike-share program that would cut down the need for students to drive across campus is on deck at Stony Brook University.

Amy Provenzano, the university's executive director for environmental stewardship, and Barbara Chernow, vice president for facilities and services, announced plans for a bike-share program at a recent meeting of the Civic Association of the Setaukets and Stony Brook.

Provenzano said in a follow-up e-mail that the program is in its preliminary stages and the administration is still developing what shape the program will take. The Student Faculty Association, the FreeWheel Recycling Club, some staff and faculty members, and several students have formed a small group to organize and implement this initiative.

With this system, bicycles would be made available for shared use at the university. Because some students drive everywhere on campus, even for short distances, Provenzano said that a bike-share program would reduce the students' need for cars. She said it will also help to reduce the university's carbon footprint, as well as provide an alternative mode of transportation.

The group has yet to decide how much the initiative will cost, how it will be funded and where they will acquire bikes, but Provenzano is optimistic about the success of a bike-share. Some places with successful programs which the university administration has looked to for models include Emory, Stanford, Cornell and Duke, as well as the University of California in Fresno. The city of Denver also has a thriving bicycle program that will set an example.

"We are hopeful that the program will be implemented in the spring semester," Provenzano said.

Chernow also said new bike paths are to be built around the campus. They would connect some already existing routes, and would also enhance the bike-share program, offering more of an incentive for students to use them.


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