Another Sex Offender Registers within District

This time, the individual lives within the zip code 11720.

For the second time in less than a year, Three Village interim superintendent Neil Lederer has notified residents of a sex offender who has registered within the district's boundaries.

According to a letter dated May 9, this individual is a Level 1 sex offender who poses a "moderate risk" and lives within the zip code of 11720, which includes both South Setauket and Centereach. The name of this individual has not been released, nor has the address, in accordance with New York State law.

"This information is intended to inform you, not unduly alarm you," Lederer wrote in the letter. "Please use this information as an opportunity to review personal safety issues with your family."

A May 10 search of the state's sex offender registry for the zip code 11720 yielded 10 results, including five Level 2 offenders and five Level 3 offenders, which indicate higher risk levels. Three of those people have used multiple names.

Last July, that a Level 1 sex offender had registered within the zip code of 11733. At that time, a search of the sex offender registry yielded a result of three Level 2 and 3 registered sex offenders residing within the zip codes 11733 and 11790, including two Level 2 offenders within the zip code 11733 and one Level 3 offender residing within 11790. A May 10 search of those zip codes showed those numbers have not changed.

Lederer's letter described the safety precautions the district takes to protect its students, including strict sign-in and sign-out procedures, visitor registration, bus driver education and staff awareness via a detailed description of sex offenders, and the teaching of personal safety within the curriculum.

Copies of the letter are available via the district's website as well as at the North Country Administration Center at 100 Suffolk Avenue in Stony Brook.


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