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POLL: Should the Main Street Post Office in Setauket be Closed?

The Setauket branch is on a list of 3,700 post offices slated for possible closure.

Dozens of residents attended Thursday night's meeting with postal officials to discuss the future of the Setauket branch post office on Main Street. The postal officials emphasized the U.S. Postal Service's dire financial situation, while the residents emphasized the practical, historical, and aesthetical qualities of the tiny post office. The USPS will be conducting a study of the Setauket branch before making a decision regarding its closure.

Where do you stand on the issue? Vote in our poll or add your thoughts as a comment below.

MARGARET BUCK January 21, 2012 at 06:38 PM
This is a "Boutique Post Office" and after having PO Box's at both Setauket locations I can only state that the friendly chatter and greetings observed were far and few between and not a valid reason to keep a public site open. I switched my PO Box from the main Setauket branch to the Melvile Park branch after many fruitless and frequent requests that they stop inserting other peoples mail into my PO Box. The staff at the Melvile Park site were always very helpful and I never recieved anyones "misplaced" mail in my box! I recommend that the main branch merge both personnel to the main branch and have a full review of their operations to bring the operations as an accomodation to the public and not a long wait for service on a saturday morning....only then you will earn my "Stamp of Approval"


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