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New Equipment On the Way for Rocketship Park?

Village Board hears proposal to upgrade Clifton H. Lee Memorial Park.

After putting a new fence around Rocketship Park last year, village trustees heard a proposal Monday night that would work toward upgrading the entire playground inside the fence, at a cost of roughly $350,000, according to a report in the Port Times Record.

Village Board members have been discussing upgrading the park for over a year, and Village Trustee Adrienne Kessel noted that the equipment in the historic park behind Village Hall has "reached the end of its shelf life," according to the article.

Formally known as Clifton H. Lee Memorial Park, the "Rocketship Park" nickname came from the uniquely designed playset that was installed in the park around 1972, according to Ron Carlson, the former director of the Port Jefferson Recreation and Parks Department. That playset was then replaced by a second one.

Village Board members did not vote on purchasing any playground equipment at Monday's meeting.

Click here to read the entire report on the Times Beacon Record.

A quote by Adrienne Kessel was atributed to the wrong person in an earlier version of this article. It has been corrected.

Earl January 30, 2013 at 10:26 PM
They need to do something about the sand, that causes such a mess!
Jennifer Testa January 30, 2013 at 11:06 PM
We stopped going to Rocketship Park because the sand was a big issue. Not only would it mess up our cars but unattended children would throw the sand or dump it from the top of the slides, getting sand in my daughters underwear. Also, the medal play sets weren't safe, especially for the little ones. There were to many cracks and crevices that little children could fall through. To top it off, we found a used condom in the sand that kids were stepping on. We love going to the Heritage Park because they use wood chips. The play sets are more stable and seem to be up today's standards. We are proud village residents but the park needs some attention!
Earl January 31, 2013 at 02:40 PM
I like the park at 112 and Rt 83 with the recycled rubber ground. No mess, and if the kids fall less chance of getting cuts and scrapes.


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