Former Town Employee Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Councilman

Former town councilman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld has had a lawsuit filed against him alleging harassment by his former secretary.

Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld. (Photo credit: Christine Sampson)
Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld. (Photo credit: Christine Sampson)

A lawsuit has been filed by a once employee of former Brookhaven Town Board member Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld citing harassment among other complaints.

According to a report on Newsday, Fiore-Rosenfeld’s former secretary, Jocelyn Rush, has filed a lawsuit in State Supreme Court, which alleges she was harassed and was pressed to do unethical political work by the former councilman.

In the lawsuit, Rush, who said she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, alleges that Fiore-Rosenfeld used curse words and engaged in “full blown tirades until he made me cry.” Rush also claims that she was required by the former councilman to go door-to-door distributing campaign materials.  

Newsday also reports that Fiore-Rosenfeld has taken the position of assistant county attorney, which began on Jan. 2 and comes with a pay increase from $68,000-a-year as councilman to $96,000 as attorney.

Computers were seized from the councilman’s office last year in April by Suffolk County District Attorney's office as part of an investigation.

 Rush is seeking salary, back pay with interest, compensatory and punitive damages and attorney fees according to the story.

Fiore-Rosenfeld's attorney Edward Yule did not return calls for comment.

To read the entire story on Newsday, click here. 

tea January 16, 2014 at 08:05 AM
Was it not that ex councilman left office for ?criminal activity? Interesting! Is this what we in politics do we upgrade the thief and make him a DA to abuse the public more.. THIEF GOES AFTER THIEF and the gov't pays him.... Suffolk County and Nassau County is this why the public has no respect for ATTORNEYS, JUDGES, and ALL OUR ELECTED, all thieves. I can only pray you win and wash the floor with him.. Any other woman that has been hurt by him needs to stand up and add her name to the list. Not once have I called his two offices that I have ever gotten a return call..We had a superintendent in Three Village school district...we finally found out he was having SEX all over the world on the taxpayers backs....His secy kept telling all callers he was out of the office....SEX was what he was going... These people need to be put in jail and throw away the KEYS.......Councilman was paid for doing his job did that include SEX. Now he was be attacking people no better than him... A FELON


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