Altschuler Seizes Indy Endorsement from Bishop

Independence Party switches from 2010 endorsement of the Democratic incumbent to 2012 endorsement of repeat Republican challenger Randy Altschuler.

Republican Congressional candidate Randy Altschuler this week received the endorsement of the Independence Party — a party line that Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop had in 2010 when Altschuler narrowly lost to him.

Altschuler, of St. James, has the Conservative Party endorsement as well, but must still defeat George Demos, of Brookhaven, in a primary before he can have a rematch with Bishop, a five-term congressman from Southampton. Altschuler and Bishop's 2010 matchup was the , 36 days after Election Day, with just hundreds of votes separating them.

Bishop received 7,370 votes on the Independence Line in 2010, while he ended ahead of Altschuler by just 593 votes.

“The shift of support is seen as a potential game changer in the race for this competitive Suffolk County seat,” Altschuler’s campaign said in a statement.

In an Independence Party of New York statement, party Chairman Frank MacKay said Altschuler received the endorsement “by virtue of his background as a self-made businessman who came from humble beginning to achieve the American Dream.”

“Randy has always impressed me as someone who has the real world experience we need in Washington to fix the economic and fiscal mess facing the country,” MacKay continued. He called Altschuler a “Washington outsider and successful entrepreneur” who has achieved success outside of politics.

The Bishop camp did not act discouraged.

"Suffolk County voters know Tim Bishop's record of service, and they vote for a person, not a party,” Bishop spokesman Oliver Longwell said Thursday. “Third party lines are simply not as important in major races where the candidates are well established. Tim beat an incumbent in 2002 without the Independence line, and the voters who re-elected him over Randy Altschuler in 2010 will know where to find Tim on the ballot."

But Altschuler spokesman Chris Russell said, “Make no mistake about it, this is a major blow to Congressman Bishop’s campaign. … It tells you all you need to know that the Bishop campaign is now scrambling to downplay the endorsement, when two years ago they were celebrating it.”

Tom March 24, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Oh I see what you mean then, failed to win the nomination... much like Bishop just failed to win the nomination of the Independence party. Okay, yes. Same thing then. As for my responses, they are generated as a direct result of me being personally sick and tired of the constant lies and mistruths spewed here by Bishop and his Democratic party hacks, all of whom seem to think that repeating the same falsehoods about Altschuler is a valid form of political expression. I also think it is entertaining that every time they are proven wrong on the facts, they start attacking the individual who is speaking personally in some way, instead of sticking to the issues. Case in point. I think Altschuler should be accurately compared to Bishop, in every aspect, from upbringing, to educational background, to professional life, to political views. And I personally think that Altschuler outdoes Bishop in every aspect of those comparisons, in my view. Plus, there is enough liberal drivel here to more than absorb some conservative truths and corrections without generating any whines from the left. And no, I have nothing to do with Mr. Altschuler, I am just one rather sick of it voter, who is tired of seeing my town be completely ignored by Dim Tim Bishop except for every six months before an election. Hell, you can almost tell the seasons by the bird migrations, and Bishop's rare appearances on the North Fork. Oh look, a Tim sighting on the North Fork, must be March before an election!
Concerned March 25, 2012 at 04:27 AM
Well the last NY carpet bagger was someone named Hillary, and she was great as our Senator and even better as our Secty of State. We only wish she was now our President! Some carpetbagger!
East Hampton Retiree March 25, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Altschuler's US job creations were his own company's employees. Their jobs were to ship US jobs to Pakistan where they hid Osama Bin Laden.
Brendan J. O'Reilly March 30, 2012 at 04:24 AM
Check out the latest updates on this story, featuring interviews with Frank MacKay Tim Bishop and Diana Weir: http://southampton.patch.com/articles/indy-chair-explains-switch-from-bishop-to-altschuler
MensaLady March 31, 2012 at 01:01 PM
You are sadly misinformed. Altschuler never ran for office in any other state, never nominated, never endorsed, never anything. Look it up on the FEC web site. How sad that you would believe all the misinformation spewed by desperate candidates. I marvel at the fact that you are that gullible. He has lived in St James for years.


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