Where Are Three Village's Worst Spots for Graffiti?

Some residents are reporting, anecdotally, what they say is a rise in graffiti around town.

Some residents are reporting, anecdotally, a rise in graffiti around town, although police have been unable to confirm such a trend yet. Frank Melville Memorial Park has been a recent target of vandalism; in other areas of Three Village, street signs, pillars, fences, utility boxes and other fixtures have been hit. Where have you seen graffiti around town? How frequently have you seen it? Log in to Patch and share your input as a comment below.

3 Village Resident September 26, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Like I said in the other graffiti story related to the park... the police have been called several times about this... for them not to be able to "Confirm" such a thing is absolutely ridiculous!!! I myself have called time and time again... and they have told me unless I have any “Leads” on who it can be there really isn't anything they can do. I was disappointed & of course outraged to hear that. I asked for more patrol in areas where I've seen the graffiti & still the police have done NOTHING and the graffiti continues! This is a real issue & in my opinion the police are slacking on their job duties to protect and serve the community which pay their HIGH salaries! Why are we paying Suffolk Police such a high salary if our area is starting to look like a bad neighborhood in the city? This graffiti issue really gets me going and I can’t believe that nothing has been done!


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