Suffolk Police to Conduct Seatbelt Compliance Campaign

Seatbelt and child safety laws will be enforced.

They're serious when they say "Click it or Ticket." The Suffolk County Police Department will conduct a safety campaign between May 21 and June 4 to enforce seat belt laws.

The "Buckle Up New York – Click It or Ticket" campaign will also check for compliance with child seat safety laws.

"Increasing seat belt and child safety seat use is one of the most effective ways to reduce crash-related injuries and fatalities," the SCPD said in a statement.

Residents can expect checkpoints and increased patrols. According to the department, officers will take a zero-tolerance standpoint with violations of the laws. Among the laws that will be enforced:

  • All front seat occupants ages 8 and older must wear a seat belt.
  • All rear seat passengers ages 8 through 15 must wear a seat belt.
  • All children younger than 4 years old must be restrained in a federally approved child safety seat.
  • If the child’s weight exceeds 40 pounds, in a child restraint system in conjunction with safety belts, the restraint system must meet size and weight recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • Children ages 4 through 7 must be properly secured in an appropriate child restraint system, one that meets the child’s height and weight recommendations, according to the child restraint manufacturer. The vehicle’s safety belt alone is not a child restraint system.
KP LIslander May 24, 2012 at 10:48 PM
I agree 100% about the phone conversation being the cause of the distraction leading to accidents. What I don't understand is WHY it is that it seems as though many people see other drivers using handheld phones all the time but yet somehow cops seem to be oblivious to this or are not making a more concerted effort to go after these individuals for some unknown reason. Why is it that the cops don't seem to be implementing a cell phone crackdown (and on a frequent basis) in the same manner in which they are doing this seatbelt crackdown? Is it possible that there is a willful choice being made to opt to go after infractions which may be easier to catch/enfoce instead of going after drivers using handheld cellphones, which as everyone acknowledges, can and does cause accidents and affects others in the process (not just only themselves)? I can't help but always wonder about this and about why it seems as though cops don't make it more of a point to go after these selfish, inconsiderate, obnoxious drivers using handheld cellphones. Just sayin'............
Rowan May 28, 2012 at 05:55 PM
You may only hurt yourself, but your injuries and the services we (the town) provide to assist you would become our burden. The money and time to attend to an accident where there are severely injured people can be lessened if people weren't ejected from their vehicle in the first place. Add that to the increase of the injured being transported and cared for at our already budget strained hospitals (in addition to the statistics regarding those who are uninsured and cannot pay for their care) then anyone can deduce that wearing seat belts not only saves the passenger's life but stops an unnecessary drain on the town's resources. So, John, wear your seat belt!
Cathy May 29, 2012 at 10:20 AM
SCPD do not give a rats @#$% about us. They are there to create revenue to protect their jobs and pensions.
John Gruber June 24, 2012 at 04:56 AM
please, if the police and government cared about your safety cigarettes would be illegal but since the government can make money off it they sell it. Same rules apply, the only person you're gonna hurt is yourself but they would rather make a quick dime off you instead. If you want to be lazy and take that chance it's your choice
John from Kings Park June 24, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Absolutely right! "To Serve & To Protect" means only themselves...


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