Setauket Fire District Cautions Against Improper Generator Usage

Generators should always be used outside, and never near bedroom windows.

Since the power went out and folks started using generators, the Setauket Fire Department has already received numerous calls for carbon monoxide dangers, and the district is cautioning its residents to carefully follow guidelines for generator use.

Specifically, generators should always be used outside – not even in the garage, according to district manager Dave Sterne. The placement of the generator outside the house should also be considered.

"It is important that generators should not be used directly outside bedroom windows and the exhaust pipes of the generators should face away from the houses as well," said Sterne said.

The SFD has already responded to 20 calls for CO dangers over the past few days, and has had to transport 15 patients to the hospital, Sterne said.

"It would appear we are in for a long haul of no power," Sterne said, "and it's about to get even colder."


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