What Was Your Experience Like at Stony Brook University Hospital?

If you were ever a patient at SBUH, let us know how you liked the hospital.

Since October, the Affordable Care Act has mandated that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) take into account patient responses to a 10-question satisfaction survey when determining reimbursements to hospitals.

Problem being, for many Long Island hospitals, patient satisfaction has been on the low side, according to a recent Newsday article (subscription required). While Newsday did not name Stony Brook University Hospital among those struggling with patient satisfaction, you can view the newspaper's profile of the hospital here.

That's why we ask: If you've ever been a patient at Stony Brook University Hospital, what was your experience like? Log into Patch and add your response as a comment below.

J Fed February 06, 2013 at 02:08 PM
7 years ago, my Mom had a stroke while in my home. Setauket FD brought her to Stony Brook Hospital. The team there was phenomenal! There had to be 10 staff members in the room, all doing different life saving techniques. Everything was explained to me in layman's terms as each test or step was taken. She remained there for a few days, then was transported to St. Charles for rehab. While Mom passed a few weeks later, I am always thankful Setauket FD took her there as the team was the best.


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