Twitter, Facebook Communities React to SBU's Calendar Decision

Many upset over the decision.

Stony Brook University recently adopted a calendar that doesn't allot days off for religious holidays such as Holy Week and Passover. Reactions have been mixed, and some – like – have been vocal about it. How do you feel about the issue? Log in to Patch and add your opinion as a comment below.

Shawn Clap March 28, 2012 at 03:30 PM
The calender as it now stands is crazy. We have our Spring Break in April, only a few weeks away from finals, it makes no sense and leaves no time for reading days at the end of the semester. That is why every major university has spring break in March. As a student I fully support the updated calender. It just makes good scholastic sense.
Tony Vitale March 28, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Lets Man Up People ! To those who complain about our insitutions not accomadating their particular or parculiar religous beliefs by not honoring them with paid holidays . Its true that in America you have the freedom to practice your religion , it is not true that you do have the right to be paid for it. I suggest that If you do not have the courage of your convictions to practice your religion without getting paid then you are more interested in receiving paid time off then you really care about your attending religious rituals. This becomes clearly evident when the people who are crying the loudest often concoct reasoning like "our country was based on Christian beliefs" in defending that their particular brand of beliefs should be the only ones honored. On the bigger issue I believe People need to start reexamining their devotion to their religious beliefs, these are outdated creeds and often contrary to common knowledge. We as a society know the earth is not flat and the same holds true for these outdated beliefs. Should I ask that I recieve every Friday and Monday off for my "Imagine No Religion" practices if not please explain your logic? In the future society will look back at us and all the wasted energy, lives and time we spent on these out dated Insitutions and practices and shake their heads at our stupidity. I commend SB with having the courage to begin jettisoning some of these unnessary, unfair and unproductive practices.
Laurie Kryssing March 29, 2012 at 12:51 PM
I guess my child is going to have to miss several days of school come the holidays. How long has Stony Brook been in existence...and how long were students of SB given time off to spend with family? Students who do not belong to Christian or Jewish Faiths, still benefit by having time off from classes...which they can hopefully spend with their families.


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