Mayor: Village Pledges to Help Community of Newtown

Message from Port Jefferson Mayor Margot Garant regarding the tragedy in Connecticut.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Newtown. This tragedy could have easily happened anywhere. We are blessed for our community here in the Village of Port Jefferson. Our community will soon be organizing an outreach program to support the families of Newtown during their difficult days ahead. Never forget that each day is an opportunity to be thankful and so very kind to one another.

Peace be with you all.

Mayor Margot Garant

Mels Ditties December 16, 2012 at 09:17 PM
The words choke in the throat, fighting back tears... A prayer......... For the 20 littlest new angels, who simply went to school...never to return For their 6 guardian angels who gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting them For the mother who's life ended at the hand of her own child For the disturbed young man...why?...If your pain was so great, and you felt life was too much to bear why couldn't you let go quietly....why cause such horrific, horrific pain to innocents?...the answers are not to be mine..answer them to your maker Take a moment to pray, to wrap your arms of love around these angels & all those who loved them... Gaze upon the heavens for the twinkling of these new angels... Remember them forever.... May they rest in peace... you will always be the special Christmas stars....


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