Letter to the Editor: Soccer Club 'Has Acted in a Responsible Manner'

Club's former president says it has lived up to the spirit of the original agreement with Stony Brook University.

Editor's Note: Mike Witover spent four years as president of the Three Village Soccer Club during the 1980s.

To the Editor:

As a past Three Village Soccer Club President and one that was serving at the time the original “P Lot” fields went in, it is my recollection that the spirit of the agreement with the University and the TVSC was as follows:

“If the TVSC promotes good will between the University and the club, fosters a community wide service, maintains the fields properly, acts as a responsible organization and provides management, stewardship and leadership the agreement and understanding shall remain in effect."

The TVSC has become the premier community and sports venue in our neighborhood and on Long Island, bringing pride and recognition to our community and to the University as well. The TVSC, a wholly volunteer organization, brings joy to so many of the families that reside in the community. On any given weekend thousands of our athletes young and old, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, coaches, volunteers and friends come to participate in the TVSC soccer experience, which provides a wholesome family activity enjoyed by everyone.

The TVSC has acted in a responsible manner and has lived up to the initial agreement. I personally feel that all of these years the TVSC leadership and dedicated volunteers have worked closely with the University, providing for our community past, present and future, and should not be bullied into a take-it-or-leave ultimatum.

– Mike Witover

lovemykids November 26, 2012 at 11:55 AM
Dear Mr. Witover, Thank you for sharing some historical verbiage on the relationship between SBU and the 3VSC. Your continued support of the club is appreciated. Hope to see you tonight at the community meeting. 7:30pm Mount Elementary Auditorium
John November 26, 2012 at 12:19 PM
Great letter Mike. I think the key word there was "bullied". That seems to be the normal way of operation for the so called community minded SUNY Stony Brook. Once again, the school uses "the students" to plow through whatever and whomever they want to get what they want, for "the students", when the school is a commuter school for the most part who could care less about intamural activities. Another great move towards a community relationship. Wonder why no elected officials have entered the ring on this hmmmm.
Kevin Hauss November 26, 2012 at 02:50 PM
As a parent, as a person who has worked and continues to do work at SBU, I recall how the university wanted to create that "University Town" atmosphere. There is nothing that helps foster that than having the university support the kids and families of the Three Village area just as we have supported SBU. Our kids want Sea Wolve's shirts, we participate in the clinics the athletics department runs, we attend the games, the Film Festival, soccer games, heck, our colors are red. As a parent of 3 children in the Three Village soccer program, we are proud of the league and we are proud of SBU. We were there rooting for the football team this past Saturday (5 of us purchasing tickets), we watched the basketball team on SNY last night. The soccer parents know the SBU player's names. My 6 year old, who plays soccer in the Three Village program, put "a Sea Wolve's jersey" on his Christmas list. I hope the university doesn't ruin the evergrowing relationship. Elimination of the community work the university has done will impact the relationship and that would be a shame. I'm hoping the ongoing philosophy of the university to keep growing, slows down and the approach moves to a greater focus on working with the community. Also, as a "Commuter University" I see the fields on the weekend empty. I want my kids and family to continue to support SBU and so we hope a response that works for the university AND the kids of the Three Village area is ironed out. Kevin Hauss
Vilhelm November 26, 2012 at 03:01 PM
I'd like to offer an alternate view about this, one I haven't heard yet. Has anyone taken into consideration the people who live in the "H section", whose backyards border the soccer fields? I have lived in the area for 12 years, and have watched, or more accurately "heard" the increase in size of these games. When it was a small field, used for local children on the weekends, I didn’t mind since it's a good thing for kids to be a part of. But there are more and more games now, more and more kids, and when they changed the configuration of the fields, the yelling now sounds like it's in my back yard! And it's usually the parents, not the kids that are loudest. I don’t think there should be any expansion what so ever of the field.
Vilhelm November 26, 2012 at 03:02 PM
The university wants to be a "good neighbor"??? Ward Melville is turning in his grave! When he donated the land to the state, it was for a "small, community based college". SUNY is hardly that. And when they complain that they have "less acres for their teams than the TVSC has", well that's not our problem. Your existing fields are in the middle of your campus, where only students are bothered by the noise. Now I have to hear screaming and whistles 7 days a week, and even at night??? Yes they also want to install stadium lights so they can practice in the evening now also. SUNY, you are not a good neighbor. Eminent domain (flowerfield), building a hotel down the road from a hotel, wanting to build a 20 story additional hospital wing, etc. etc. You won’t stop until you take over this whole damn town.


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