Have You Seen a UFO Over Setauket?

According to UFOstalker.com, someone saw something strange in Setauket on July 2.

While enjoying a bite to eat at a beach in Setauket, someone noticed what he or she thought was a UFO leaving a trail through low cloud cover on July 2.

According to the website UFOstalker.com, an oval-shaped object was observed noiselessly flying over Setauket on July 2 for a period of two minutes. The description of the sighting reads:

"The sky was covered in a solid mass of thick clouds and the ceiling was low in preparation for heavy, late night thunderstorms. I happen [sic] to look up and noticed a trail in the cloud cover. Looking closer I realized there were two trails traveling in parallel. I could visually follow something which was traveling just under the bottom of the ceiling. It disturbed the cloud cover, and left the parallel trail behind as it moved."

Click here to read the full description of this person's UFO sighting experience.

Other UFO sightings over the area have been reported over the years, including one in Strong's Neck in 2011 and one in East Setauket in 2005. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, the center receives 5,000 UFO sightings on average per year.

Did you see the same thing on July 2? Have you ever seen what appeared to be a UFO over the Three Village area? Log in to Patch and tell us in the comments.


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