Timing Is Everything: Cleanse First, then Rebuild

When it comes to the healing process, sequence matters.

There are so many wonderful supplements on the market today, thoughtfully processed to help us heal & remain healthy.  However, few people realize that ANY supplement taken inappropriately can have undesirable & even damaging effects. Before I go on, let me remind you of something you already know.  Even the highest quality single nutrient, whether lab created or naturally sourced, is itself not natural.  When was the last time you picked a vitamin C capsule off a tree?

A nutrient naturally supplied in whole food is found in combination with a series of other nutrients.  Some of these accompanying nutrients & their functions have been identified.  I believe most have not.  When isolated, a nutrient is potentially missing the other nutrients & catalysts that must be present for it to work safely & effectively.  This is the strongest case for maintaining a nutrient rich diet BEFORE & DURING taking these pills. Supplementation is just what the word suggests.  It is to complement & enhance a healthy diet, not to compensate for a poor one.

Then there is the matter of whether your body is ready to receive & process mega doses of nutrients.  From personal as well as patient experience I've learned that giving nutrients the body is not equipped to handle at the time is counterproductive.  I know the prevailing theory is that the body will simply excrete a nutrient that has not been utilized.  My argument is that whenever the body takes in a substance it doesn't require, or perhaps requires but is not prepared to assimilate, undue stress & unnecessary cellular damage can occur prior to its excretion.  In my last article "What to Eat?" I explained that free radicals (unpaired oxygen molecules) are created during the digestive process irrespective of food or supplement quality.  When the body is in a state of youthful equilibrium little trauma will occur.  However, free radicals can quite potentially exceed our ability to neutralize them.  Let me explain why.

As you've heard again & again, our contemporary world has become overloaded with pollutants.  We breath them in, eat & drink them & they even enter through our skin.  Add to this the fact that just driving a car produces the kind of survival stress that causes our bodies to manufacture its own set of endogenous pollutants. Taken together, these chemicals create just the right conditions to initiate microbial & fungal overgrowth & these in turn metabolize to produce yet another set of acids & toxins.  The result is that organs & systems become congested with substances that compromise healthy hormonal & enzymatic function.  This means that processing anything we ingest, including those high quality supplements, will more than likely add to the congestive load rather than act to our benefit.

So what can we do to prepare ourselves to receive optimal benefit from our health food store nutrients?  Proper cleansing can reverse so many health issues & go far to restore regulated function.  There are five cleansing organs:  the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs & skin.  The order in which they must be cleared is particular to each individual.  ONLY after they are functioning properly can one consider releasing the most insidious offenders from vital organs.  The truth is that when possible the body will try to put a toxin to where it can do the least systemic harm.  If the detoxification process is executed irresponsibly these toxins can enter the bloodstream & potentially relocate to where they will do far greater damage. 

I'm a firm believer that using a combination of modalities to achieve a complete & safe drainage process is best.  Of course you must begin by learning to choose foods that are not only nutrient dense, but also do not contribute to further congestion.  This means that food allergies & sensitivities must be identified & addressed.  You will be pleased to discover that many of these foods may no longer be allergenic following proper tissue cleansing & homeopathic healing.  I myself was a universal reactor, meaning I had many allergies for many years that I no longer have today.

Homeopathic treatment is a critical component throughout the healing process. During the cleansing period it serves to gently release tissues & cells of the various toxic substances including heavy metals.  I have found that using homeopathic remedies to discharge heavy metal residue is highly effective & far less traumatic than chelation therapy.  After the cleansing period is completed, homeopathy acts to compel rejuvenation of cellular function on many levels.

If by lowering the invasive load the body is able to restore its own regulative capacity, isn't this preferable to relying on any pill to do the job?  Now let me clearly state that I do use supplementation.  It's just that I see my role as health care provider to revitalize tissues as far as possible to handle their own intended functions.  Only once this has been accomplished do I believe one is ready to "graduate" to the added perk of pill support.  


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