Patch Picks: Five Places to Go for Great Burgers in Three Village

Patch guides your travels when the hunger for burgers strikes.

It's burger time. In this week's installment of Patch Picks, we located some of the meatiest, juiciest, and most creative burgers in Three Village.

  • French burgers, Mexican burgers, Greek burgers, American burgers. The variety is in full effect at . The truly adventurous can take on the Jake Starr Jumbo: three burgers stacked with bacon, cheese and other toppings.
  • The brain child of chef Bobby Flay, Bobby's Burger Palace specializes in western style burgers. Located in the Smith Haven Mall (one of five locations nationwide), customers can enjoy burgers with avocado relish and goat cheese. Any burger can be "crunchified," doubling the cheese and adding chips.
  • J&R's Steakhouse takes the philosophy of grilling steaks and applies it to their burgers. Julie's Burger offers an extra kick, adding chili to the traditional taste. Barbecue and smothered burgers are also available.
  • John Harvard's has a gourmet menu of pub burgers. These half pound burgers take it up a notch with the Roquefort Burger with the titular cheese and bacon and the Bayou Burger with cajun seasoning, blue cheese and buffalo sauce.
  • spices up its burgers with a "bench" blend of seasoning. The Bench Cheeseburger offers seven choices of cheese. For those who want a healthier option with the seasoning, go for the turkey burger. Don't forget the sweetpotato fries.


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