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Here's how the community interacted with Patch this week.

Each week, our Patch Out Loud feature will give props to the readers who are interacting with Patch in various ways. Want to get your name mentioned here? Comment via Twitter, Facebook, or the Patch articles published every day.

Twitter Follower of the Week
Rich Murdocco, a.k.a. @TheFoggiestIdea, gets props for sending an interesting New York Times article our way this week.

Facebook Friend of the Week
David Bitman had this to say in response to our poll about: "Excellent medical care very close when needed and stable home resale and property values."

Blogger of the Week
Carole Trottere got some tangible results following her three-month foray into the world of veganism. Check out her blog entry .

Commenter of the Week
Marisa DeMarco was among many commenters who weighed in on Zachary Baum's about LGBT issues in the schools. "Your story will inspire so many, many more people to come. Thank you for sharing your experience and being so brave," DeMarco wrote.

Most Popular Article of the Week
Local celebrities always get the most attention. Then again, that's kind of what makes them celebrities, right? Wrestler/author/comedian Mick Foley and his family were featured on the show "Celebrity Wife Swap" this week.

Did You Know?
We're looking for Patch readers to feature each week. How do you get featured, you ask? Complete the .


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