Looking Back at Five Opinion Pieces

Looking forward, we want yours. What do you have to say?


At Patch, we try not only to offer news to readers, but also to encourage readers to be part of the conversation. While comments (both on the Three Village Patch Facebook page and on the stories) are one way, putting your name on a Letter to the Editor or full-length opinion piece is another.

Today, we take a look back at a handful of opinion pieces readers have submitted over the past few months. While a lot has changed since some of these were written, it serves as a reminder that we're always seeking submissions to promote a civil and balanced dialogue. And in some cases, not a whole lot has changed, really. So take a look back and see what your neighbors have to say:

    • "President Stanley started this mess behind closed doors and he plans to end it the same way."
    • "There's too much consistency with Irene and the computer models wanting to bring the storm right up the East coast."
    • "Ever hear of the Three Village Community Nature Preserve? Chances are you have not."
    • Passion about conviction, in faith or in politics, does not give license to personal attacks, violent language, vilifying the 'other,' or singling out any one group for blame or ridicule."

    • "The proposal has always been severely flawed, from its original form through its current incarnation. Furthermore, the university has been needlessly stubborn in considering alternatives."

Anybody interested in contributing a Letter to the Editor or opinion piece is encouraged to email editor Christine Sampson at: christines@patch.com.


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