10 Places to Go to Relieve Holiday Stress

Relax with a massage at one of these spots.

Not only is massage therapy a way to melt away the stress brought on by the holiday season, but it's also a way to give yourself a little gift. The Three Village area has multiple spots you can go for massage and other types of relaxing therapies:

1. in the Stony Brook Village Center offers massage therapy, facials, holistic healing and more.

2. in Setauket offers multiple types of massage, including deep heat massage, Swedish massage, and more.

3. in Stony Brook is geared more towards massage services for the athlete.

4. in East Setauket offers reflexology in addition to other types of massage.

5. in Setauket doesn't just offer hair services – it offers massage, too.

6. in East Setauket specializes in reflexology.

7. in Stony Brook is a yoga studio that also offers massage services.

8. in East Setauket offers not only massage therapy, but also adjustments, acupuncture, homeopathy and more.

9. in East Setauket offers massage and water therapy treatments.

10. in East Setauket offers massage, reiki, skin therapy, and more.


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