The Dish: Try the Stuffed Peppers at ProPortion Cafe

Lightweight lunch is one of many healthy options.

ProPortion Cafe is a small eatery in Stony Brook with a variety of hot and cold dishes, wraps, pita pizzas, salads and melts – most of which are low-fat or low-sodium, and many are vegetarian friendly. For this week's edition of The Dish, Patch stopped by ProPortion to find a healthy lunch.

The Dish: Stuffed Pepper with a Side Salad ($6.90)

What's Inside: The stuffed peppers are full of rice, carrots and tomato sauce, served soft and hot. Ask for extra sauce on top. The side salad is a huge helping of greens along with two veggies and dressing of your choice.

Eat This Because: It's super healthy; you'll be full, but not weighed down. If you're already a fan of stuffed peppers, you won't be disappointed, and it's a dream come true for salad lovers, who will likely have half a salad to take home afterwards. Also, most of the dishes are labeled with point equivalents for those following a Weight Watchers diet. One stuffed pepper will only cost you five points.

Side Dish: Dessert without the guilt. ProPortion serves Only 8 brand frozen yogurt, for which a small ($2.49) is only 45 calories. Available flavors include chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter and a rotating flavor of the week.


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