The Dish: Ten Bucks for a Bill at Jake Starr

A sandwich for chicken lovers. And avocado lovers. And bacon lovers...

The Three Village area boasts a few places where you can find a hot, satisfying lunch entrée for around $10. is one of those places.

The Dish: The Bill ($9.50)

What's Inside: Chicken, avocado, bacon, brie and honey mustard served on focaccia; also available served hot panini-style. Served with a side of macaroni salad.

Eat this Because: Chicken and brie make a great combo. So do chicken and honey mustard. So do avocado and bacon. See where we're going with this? We recommend requesting the panini version of "The Bill."

Side Dish: We stopped by Jake Starr for a weekday lunch, but if you decide to go for dinner on a Friday or Saturday night, you'll get a side dish of live music with your meal.


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