The Dish: Greek Burger at the Lake Grove Diner

Feta cheese sets the flavor off on this delicious burger.

If you're on the eastern side of Smithtown a close place for some late night bites is the Lake Grove Diner, across the street from AMC Lowes movie theater and east of the Smith Haven Mall. One of the standout choices on the menu is the Greek Burger.

The Dish: Greek Burger ($12.95)

What is it: To say the burger is huge would be an understatement – it's a 12 ounce black angus burger topped with loads of feta cheese, bacon and raw red onions.

How does it taste: Delicious. The feta cheese has a potent and powerful flavor that compliments, not dominates, the bold flavor of the black angus burger – which tastes best when you order it rare. As for the salty, crispy bacon, it brings all of the flavors together. 

Sides: You get a larget serving of french fries on the side as well as cole slaw and onion rings.

Why you should eat this: It packs plenty of flavor, it will fill you up, and it is not your typical way to eat a burger – live a little and try something new, you'll enjoy it.


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