Ten Places to Cater Your Super Bowl Bash

Some ideas for feeding your Super Bowl Sunday celebration.

Want that professional touch while you gather to eat and watch the big game in the comfort of your own home? Here's a variety of places that can supply your food and drink:

  • - 631-751-5600 - Located on Mark Tree Road, Carpini's carries Boar's Head products and is open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., so get those orders in early.
  • - 631-751-4845 - Spice up your party with fine Indian cuisine. If you're interested in something a little outside the norm, check out their catering menu online.
  • - 631-751-7695 - A variety of salads, sandwiches, baked goods and other items make for a hearty selection to choose from.
  • - 631-751-0330 - For something last-minute, Domino's offers a number of deals on pizza and sandwiches that can fit any budget.
  • - 631-751-0022 - If seafood is your thing, this spot counts baked clams, shrimp cocktail and crab balls among its most popular orders. They've got great hot wings, too.
  • - 631-941-4200 - Deals here include a three-foot hero, salad and a half-tray of buffalo wings for $79.99. Add another foot to the hero and up the price $12, or make it a five-footer with a salad and a full tray of wings for $136.99.
  • - 631-689-8800 - Known for its grandma slices and canolis, Little Joe's is a great alternative to traditional Super Bowl deli snacks.
  • - 631-751-8840 - Italian cuisine at its finest. Hit up Mario's to take your menu up a notch.
  • - 631-751-2432 - Famous for their  custom sandwich creations, SE Port is a fine option for heros. Hot food should be ordered immediately, though, as this spot is well-known for its quality and sure to be busy.
  • Setauket Gourmet Deli - 631-751-1200 - This deli has a wide selection of quality meats, cheeses and other appetizers. Callers should ask for Lyn for placing catering orders.

Bonus: You won't find three-foot heroes or wings here, but also has a lot of what some fans feel is a Super Bowl party essential – lots and lots of beer.


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