Hire Me: Communications Pro Seeks New Position

Lily Zajc of East Setauket has experience in advertising, marketing, and publicity.

Communication on a professional level is an art employed by so many on a daily basis, and for Lily Zajc, it's her field of study and the market in which she is searching for a job.

In the past she has worked in publicity, marketing, and advertising, often in the medical fields, and often in a high-level consulting capacity.

"I liked calling the shots, making the decisions, following through, and seeing the results," said Zajc, who has also blogged on Patch and written for the Times Beacon Record newspapers. "When I see something that I produce – especially in print – that I’m proud of, I love seeing that."

She has also employed social media and her network of professional contacts along the way in the job hunt, and says she hopes her experiences in marketing and advertising help her find a new position.

"I think you need to have a background in marketing and advertising to be a successful social media manager," said Zajc, a mother of three and 20-year resident of Setauket. "We’re the best people to be social media managers as opposed to someone right out of college."

In fact, social media is one of the key skills for job seekers are looking for these days, along with a strong writing ability, according to Steve Haweeli, founder of WordHampton Public Relations.

"The agencies are busy. I think public relations right now is a fairly strong industry," Haweeli said. "It’s not one that’s hurting, so at the least it’s holding its own and/or growing."

Resumé Highlights

  • Serves as a publicity consultant for the Port Jefferson Documentary Series, where she says she doubled attendance through social media and print campaigns.
  • Served as marketing director and patient care consultant at Cosmetic Surgery of New York in Port Jefferson Station.
  • Served as publicity consultant for John T. Mather Memorial Hospital.


  • Received a Bachelor's degree in Economics and English from Brooklyn College.
  • Studied voiceover technique at New School, and studied acting and creative writing at Suffolk Community College.


Ruth Lorbert August 16, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Nice write up--good luck with the job hunt!!
Lily Zajc September 07, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Thank you, Ruth!


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